The Senior Executive Roundtables for Smaller Healthcare Organization are invitation-only private events hosted by B I Group that brings together a select small group of senior healthcare leaders (6-8 participants) to dialog on current challenges, trends, and topics related to protecting the organization through compliance and information security best practices.

These invitation-only events are for Owners, Presidents, CEOs, C-level Executives, Directors, and others, who are committed to strategic, information-driven leadership. They are real-world learning experiences that utilize a dynamic mix of presentation and interaction, giving you new perspectives on the challenges of protecting your company in today's environment.

The Senior Executive Roundtable sessions are:

  • held weekly (one invite per month maximum)
  • 50-minute sessions
  • board meeting format
  • held via Zoom (occasional in-person sessions)
  • no cost to attend
  • moderated by Michael A. Alicea - about Michael

The sessions are designed to inform senior healthcare executives of smaller organizations who are committed to protecting their businesses from the current challenges in compliance and from the latest cyber threats and to help them protect their computing systems and the information contained. During each session, participants will freely identify topics for discussion, or the moderator will suggest a topic.

Interested in participating? Register here.

Once registered, you'll receive an invitation* to an upcoming Roundtable, along with information about other invitation-only events and activities.


*Please note that these are invitation-only events, and space is limited, so your invitation to participate may take some time. All requests to attend will be reviewed, and invitations will be based on professional qualifications and event capacity.